What's New

Single is Coming!

We have been putting in some serious work in the studio, and we are excited to tell you that our new single will be coming out in April.

Another New band member!

We are excited to announce our new drummer Seth Aaron Hostetter He is an absolute beast of a drummer. To see him in action, click the link below.
Seth Hostetter

New band member!

We are incredibly excited to announce Nina Begman as our new front woman. We are hard at work in the studio and can't wait for you to hear the music we have been cooking up.

First Show with Seether

Today marks the first show of our awesome summer tour with Seether. Don't forget we have some headline dates with our friends in Kaleido coming up as well.

Tour Dates


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Managment: Larry Mazer


Marketing: Jason Lekberg


Booking: Andrew Buck APA